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Translational Affective Neuroscience

about me

I am a assistant professor in the Psychology Department at UC Davis. I study the neuroscience of social and emotional behavior in both humans and nonhuman primates. My research is focused on emotional and social decision-making and the development of social anxiety disorder. This page mostly consists of some tutorials and thoughts that I consider interesting. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

You can find me on google scholar and find my CV here.

recent publications

  • Shackman AJ, Weinstein J, Hudja SN, Bloomer C, Barstead MG, Fox AS & Lemay EP, Jr. (In Press). Dispositional negativity in the wild: Social context governs momentary emotional experience. Emotion. In Press

  • Oler JA*, Tromp DPM*, Fox AS, Kovner R, Davidson RJ, Alexander AL, MacFarlin D, Birn R, Berg B, de Campo D, Fudge JL, & Kalin NH (2017). Connectivity between the central nucleus of the amygdala and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in the non-human primate: neuronal tract tracing and developmental neuroimaging studies. Brain Structure and Function. 222(1):21-39  *These two authors contributed equally to this work.

  • more publications

    Fox Lab Mission

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    Our feelings play a big role in our lives. Feelings help us choose, motivate our actions, and define our interactions with others. In this way, emotional tendencies define who we are now and who we are going to be in the future.

    In the Fox lab, we want to understand the neurobiology of “affective style”.

    Joining the Fox Lab

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    The Fox lab is starting up at the University of California at Davis! We are looking for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral team members.